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Garage Conversions in Huddersfield

If you have a mortgage, you are paying for every room in your house, including that cold, unused garage

If you no longer have a car, your car doesn’t fit in the garage (all too common) or you have alternative off-street parking nearby, consider speaking to Kieron Cosgrove & Co Ltd about our garage conversions in Huddersfield to transform your garage into a warm, functional part of your home.

Choice and Versatility

The options are practically endless for how you can use our highly recommended garage conversions in Huddersfield service. For example, you could create an annex for an elderly relative or teenager; an extra bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, diner or living room; a utility room; a home office, art studio or study; a nursery or play room; a gym or even a home cinema! Some homeowners opt for a part-conversion, integrating a proportion of their garage space into the rest of the house while keeping the rest for storing bicycles, sports equipment, tools and garden machinery.

So What Could a Garage Conversion Do For Your Home?

Make use of neglected space – Many of today’s cars are simply too large for your average single garage which typically incorporates approximately 150 square metres of space on average. Our garage conversions in Huddersfield and surrounding areas service will put this space to better use.

Stop you from needing to move home – You can acquire the extra space your family needs without having to go to the trouble of moving, not to mention the additional and sometimes considerable costs of solicitors fees, removal companies, stamp duty etc.

Add value to your home – More space ordinarily means a more valuable home, meaning that if you plan to sell your home in the future a garage conversion is a sure fire way to boost the sale price.

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