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House Extensions in Huddersfield

In today’s property market many more people are considering extending as an alternative to moving home.

House extensions in Huddersfield can make a huge difference to your home,  a single storey extension could create a more workable kitchen space or allow a kitchen diner so the family can sit down for meals, a play room, home office or just a little more space in the  living room as the family grow. A double storey extension could give you extra bedrooms, en suites or an extra bathroom.  Many homes also have Permitted Development rights therefore enabling you to extend, even if your neighbours object, as long as you follow certain criteria. Whatever the size of your project, Kieron Cosgrove & Co Ltd will work with you to achieve the best possible result.

Excellent Customer Service as Standard

We understand that completing house extensions in Huddersfield on budget and on time is vitally important to our customers and regular communication with all connected parties is necessary to ensure the smooth running of the building project. We will keep you up to date with regular meetings of the project’s progress and any issues that may occur along the way. We also believe in minimising the potential disruption to your daily routine by not turning your home into a building site. We are competitively priced, always use skilled craftsmen and the best building materials and supplies within your building budget.

House Extension Costs Huddersfield

How much does a house extension in Huddersfield cost? We get asked this question a lot,  It’s not an easy question to answer and obviously depends on a number of factors (etc, etc…), but that’s not the answer you’re looking for is it? You’re really looking for a very rough figure, a general guideline, a starting point. OK, I’ll try my best.

Let’s start with basic single storey house extensions in Huddersfield

say 4m x 5m

You may have heard that the rule of thumb is £1,000 per m2. However, this figure has been bandied about for rather a long time now! From experience, £1,200 – £1,500 per m2 is a now a more realistic estimate for a house extension cost in 2015 and reflects price increases over the last few years. In areas like London and some parts of the South East, these figures could be between £1,500 – 2,000 per m2.

So, for your 4 x 5m extension, the build cost at the lowest end of these estimates would be roughly £24,000

+ Add on 10-15% for professional fees (architect, planning application, building regs, structural engineer)


Single storey house extension in Huddersfield = £32,000

How about double storey house extensions in Huddersfield?

same footprint?

As a rule of thumb you can add 50% extra to the build cost of a single storey extension.

So, £24,000 +50% = £36,000

+ Add on 10-15% for professional fees (architect, planning application, building regs, structural engineer)


Double Storey house Extension in Huddersfield = £48,000

The above figures would apply to a typical, uncomplicated extension in most parts of the UK. However, you should consider that these figures would creep up if any of the following apply:

Does your house extension include a new kitchen or bathroom?

+ Add say, £5,000 for a bathroom. Costs may be more or (if you are very thrifty) slightly less depending on your sanitary ware and finishes.

+ Add £10,000 for a kitchen (again, completely depends on your specification, £10,000 should get you a lower-mid range kitchen with appliances)

Finishes and fittings

Above costs assume modest finishes, fittings, electrics and lighting. Think simple painted walls, carpet floors or possibly engineered oak.

+ If you’re wanting higher-end finishes e.g. tile finishes, fitted joinery etc the costs will increase.

+ Glazing will increase the cost also. Sliding or folding doors are a popular addition to extensions at the moment. You can read our article here for reviews and costs of the best sliding door companies.

Are there any complex site constraints for your new extension?

Your builder will need to include additional costs in their quotation if any of the following apply:

+ Your soil type and ground conditions may present more costly construction methods / techniques.

+ Limited access to the site. Will it be easy for the builder to bring in tools and machinery easily?

+ Existing structure. Are you removing any structural walls? If so there will likely be additional costs for steelwork.

+ Are you moving any pipework, drainage, gas meters?

Materials and construction techniques

+ Consider the type/ quality of construction materials involved and the type of construction.

Managing or reducing your House Extension costs

It pays to get professional advice from a good architect to help you plan your new extension in Huddersfield. They can help you realise the main ambitions for your extension, whilst helping control your costs. They will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your budget to recommend where your budget is best spent, and where costs would be unnecessary or could be minimised.

Your architect can also help you with your building contract, to prevent any nasty surprises down the line. They can also inspect the builder’s work to ensure it’s being carried out in accordance with the agreed design and specifications.

For more information, or to arrange a free survey & quotation for one of our single storey, or double storey house extensions in Huddersfield please contact our trusted team today.

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